Due to the popularity and scale of the Oktoberfest, it is highly recommended to book your flight and your hotel in advance and a few months will certainly be much too short. Prices for flights and hotels usually go up during the time of the Octoberfest. The same applies if you want to sit in one of the large beer halls, most of which are in one of the main roads also referred to as “Bierzeltstrasse” (beer-hall road). Although the beer halls are really huge compared to ordinary beer tents, the places are already booked even one year in advance and it will be difficult to enter one of them without a reservation. It is easier to find a seat outside in a beergarden which most beer halls have.

The guide helps you with booking tables, finding flights and hotels and as well how to get into the tent


To get an quick overview about when it takes place, which opening hours are there, where to get money (ATM), which public transport to take… go there.


Oktoberfest Countdown

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Oktoberfest Countdown 2013