Oktoberfest girls

Oktoberfest girls

Besides beer, music there is one big reason to go to the Oktoberfest.
Meeting people from the opposite sex.

Here are some tips for better flirting- most of the tips are truth for both genera.

Flirting on the OktoberfestOktoberfest girls

On the Oktoberfest you have to apply the same rules like on other parties. But on average it is easier to talk to people and find someone who is open for a flirt. If you are very drunken don’t think that you have much chances with someone who is sober.

Giving away beer for free is very common but often not the best tactic. A lot of girls are just interested in one free beer and then walk further to another table or to their friends who sit somewhere else.

Therefore we have some general tips, some tips for females and males and as well some pick up lines.

General Tips

Flirting is like an art and like a game with two (and sometimes more) partners. Both sides come closer step by step and have the chance to intense or to stop the flirt at every moment. It is almost impossible to provide a blueprint. Therefore we start with some general tips.

  1. Both sides should have the equal part of speech.
  2. It is not an interrogation.
  3. You have to remember the name
    • Tip: After he/she tells his/her name, ask how to spell it and repeat it ones more
  1. Paraphrase: Every now and then repeat what your dialog partner told you. Use your own words.
  2. Look out for things you have in common (Music, Hobbies, Movies…).
  3. Accept the opinion of the other. Don’t discuss or laugh about it.
  4. Use open questions like how, who, what… to get more information and keep the dialog in a flow.
    • Tip:
      • The one who raises questions, leads the dialog.
      • Avoid the question “why”. The result will be that your dialog partner has to justify himself/herself. Nobody likes this.
  1. Make specific compliments. E.g. “I like your smile”
  2. Go for small talk topics like holiday, interests, food you like…
  3. Avoid topics like politics, religion, work, school…

More tips tailored for man and women are in the Oktoberfest Guide.

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