Oktoberfest food

Oktoberfest food

Already on your way to the tents or the attractions you can buy food and sweets at every shop. You will find all kinds of fish, sausage, sweets, vegetables, fruits…

Think about doing some exercises when you return home. The food is solid. For example a chicken has 750 Kilo Calories (Kcal), a Schnitzel has 400 Kcal and the famous Schweinsbraten has 650 Kcal. A bread dumpling has 200 Kcal, that’s twice as much as a potato dumpling has. Don’t underestimate the sweet food, Dampfnudeln and Kaiserschmarrn have 850 Kcal. Burnt almonds (“Gebrannte Mandeln”) have almost 600 Kcal/100g. To contrast it with beer, one litre beer provides you with 500 Kcal. Don’t waste too much time with calculating calories, have fun.


An overview about food and drinks are in the Oktoberfest Guide

Oktoberfest Countdown

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