Oktoberfest all over the world

The connection between drinking beer, traditional music and Tracht is not reserved to Bavaria or Germany. There are Oktoberfest festivals all over the world which catch the atmosphere of the original Oktoberfest from Munich and combine it with the culture of that region. Summerizing all Oktoberfest festivals in the world it is one of the most celebrated event in the world.

  • Europe: You can also find Oktoberfest festivals ┬áin North and Eastern Europe.
  • North America
    • The most Oktoberfests are celebrated in the US.
    • The largest Oktoberfest in North America is celebrated in Canada: Kitchener-Waterloo.
  • South Amerca: Brazil has also a German community with a huge Oktoberfest in Blumenau.
  • Australia: As well in Australia are a lot of Oktoberfest festivals.

Oktoberfest Countdown

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