At the Oktoberfest girls wear the so called dirndl. It is the female tracht. The whole dirndl dress containes:

Oktoberfest Dirndl dress, female trachtDirndl dress- the oktoberfest tracht for women

–          Dirndl (Traditional dress for women)

  • Short-sleeved white blouse
  • The traditional one reaches to half of the calf
  • Short dirndl are more tourist like but look quite appealing

–          a pinafore
–          Low-heeled loafers
–          Pantyhose

  • Sheer not black or coloured

If you have a boyfriend or husband you should wear the ribbon of the pinofore on the right side else on the left side. But you can’t be sure that all guys who are looking after you will know the meaning :o

About the size: It should fit similar like a jeans. You should feel it and you should still be able to breath.

For a little bit variation you can also add a necklace to your dress.

Here are some examples of women wearing a dirndl dress.

Oktoberfest girls in dirndl dress playing brass musicOktoberfest girls in dirndl dress playing brass music at the opening ceremony.




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