Beerfest in Germany

Beerfest in Germany.

Oktoberfest beerfest LöwenbräuVisitors in front of an Oktoberfest beer tent

The Oktoberfest is the biggest beerfest in Germany and one of the biggest folk festivals in the world.  It is well known for its unique atmosphere.

Besides the Oktoberfest there are a several hundreds beerfests and winefests in Germany. Some try to imitate the Oktoberfest and some of them have their own style.  The second largest beerfest in Germany is the Cannstatter Wasen which is celebrated close to Stuttgart. It also takes place in Oktober, normaly start one week later and also lasts 16 days.

TIP: What do you think about folk festival crawling (like pub crawling)? Come to Munich in the end of September. Visit Munich and the Oktoberfest for 2-3 days and then take the ICE train and go to the Canstatter Wasen in Stuttgart.

Canstatter Wasen a huge beerfest in StuttgartCanstatter Wasen a huge beerfest in Stuttgart. Picture from above.


Here you will find a list of large beerfests in Germany (the page is in German but if you scroll down you will see a list with several beerfests).



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